The STE Lab helps support a Ph.D. specialization in Science and Technology through funded projects that enable the education and training of a new generation of social scientists who are committed to an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. Once admitted to the program, students interested in the field of science and technology policy are assigned to one of the ongoing research projects where they learn how to conduct interdisciplinary social science research. With the first two years of the Ph.D. program, S&T students will take two required seminar based Ph.D. level courses: Science and Technology Policy (syllabus pdf) and Technology and Innovation Theory (syllabus pdf). The courses explore the contours of the science and technology policy field while linking core areas of interest to public administration scholars including organization theory and behavior, policy implementation, governance, and social equity. While most graduates have gone on to academic careers, some have preferred to take positions in government. More information on the Ph.D. program can be found here.