Professional and Advice Networks of Women in Academic Science and Engineering (NSF)
Women in Science and Engineering: Network Access, Participation, and Career Outcomes

NSF Award Abstract #0529642
The project proposed a study that examines how social and professional networks mediate the conversion of women's qualifications to career outcomes and specifically addresses how and why do networks matter for women's career outcomes in science and engineering. The study proposed a two-phase approach: (1) conduct a baseline national survey of scientists and engineers in six STEP fields; (2) conduct a follow-up survey to examine change in networks over time. The two-stage design will provides detailed multi-level quantitative data for statistically network effects on career outcomes. Example papers published from this data include:

  • Parker, M and EW Welch (forthcoming) Professional Networks, Science Ability, and Gender Determinants of Three Types of Leadership in Academic Science and Engineering (forthcoming) Leadership Quarterly.
  • Jha, Y and EW Welch (2010) Relational Mechanisms Governing Multifaceted Collaborative Behavior of Academic Scientists in Six Fields of Science and Engineering, Research Policy, 39(9):1174-1184.

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