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Capacity Building for the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources

Eric Welch and Aseffa Wedajoo have just completed intensive workshops in Uganda and Rwanda as part of the Genetic Resources Policy Initiative undertaken in collaboration with national research teams in the two counties and with Bioversity International. The workshop participants included biological and plant scientists, social scientists and genetic resources specialists from two counties. The workshops were designed to provide an introduction on social network analysis to the national research teams and to provide training on the effective use of social network software to analyze data. Drs. Welch and Wedajoo made use of network data collected by the Uganda and Rwanda research teams from Internaional Treaty policy actors in their respective counties to demonstrate how social network analysis can assist capacity building for policy implementation. Ongoing collaboration will continue with Rwanda and Uganda as their research teams produce the policy implementation reports due later this year.

Welcome, Dr. M.Jin Lee!

The STE Lab recently welcomed Dr. M.Jin Lee in March 2013 as a Post Doctoral Research Associate. She specializes in network analysis and is currently working on the Creative and Collaborative Informational Technology (CCiT), Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS), Kansas EPSCoR evaluation, and Bioversity projects. For more information on Jin, please see her bio under "Faculty and Staff".

Past Events

October 3, 2011:Research Methods Seminar-Analyzing Count Data: Negative Binomial Regression

March 11-12, 2011:Public Administration Research Symposium

October 6, 2010:UCINET for Social Network Analysis with Dr. Megan Haller

November 9, 2010: The Art & Science of Interviews with Dr. Brenda Parker

January 25, 2010:Network Analysis - Dr. Wonjae Lee, Research Associate, University of Chicago

March 31, 2010: Survey Sampling - Dr. Timothy Johnson, Director, Survey Research Lab & Professor, Dept of Public Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago